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Our History

The plans sold on this website are the result of some 40 years of research, design and building experience undertaken by Robert R. Garant, Professional Engineer, Licensed Builder, Master Carpenter and our founder.  His love of history, old buildings, tools and wooden boats has combined to create a truly unique set of Cottage designs. Because of his diverse background, he brings a unique insight into the problems faced by the first time Owner-Builder. His experience both in designing and building classical homes shows in ever beautiful and efficient detail he has provided us in the Plans exibited on this website.

This website was first published in 1993 when Yahoo was still in a garage and when color was a new feature on the internet. The site was originally an advertisement for Classical Homes built by us in the Caribbean and the Florida Keys.The website was converted to a Building Plans business around 1998. The website functioned until recently selling House Plans based on the classical homes designed and built in Florida and the Tropics. If you are interested in our past history, click on the link below to view some of our completed homes.

Nearly from the start of our web marketing effort in 1993, the idea of creating a website of owner-built, classical cottages became an aim. However, until several technological advances and until Building Codes became standardized across the country the Project was put off for years. In 2004 Adobe introduced the pdf conversion from AutoCAD, making it possible to send drawing files over the internet. At that point the national and international sale of plans became possible and things started changing rapidly. The web site name was changed from “garanthomes.com” to “victorian-cottage-plans.com” around 2004 as content started to be developed. The years from 2000 to 2010 saw a rapid adoption of “Standard Model Codes” across the nation, making it possible to design buildings that would meet requirements in nearly all the states with one set of plans. Technological advances in the last few years, such as 3D virtualization, radically changed our ability to show the finished product without building it first. Recently introduced BIM technology assisted in developing an integrated material estimating method. In 2013 the decision was made to put all these pieces together and create the website you see before you. 

Our Design & Building History:

Victorian-Cottage-Plans HomesIf you would like to see a few of the Traditional homes we've built over the past 30 years Click Here.


The Victorian Cottage Corporation (VCC) and Sonoma Valley Engineering Corporation (SVEC) are two cooperating California companies who own and operate this website. VCC is the site developer and a California, Class B, Certified General Contractor. SVEC is a California Professional Engineering Corporation. Both organizations are headed by Robert R. Garant, PE and President. The two California entities were formed from Garant Engineering, Inc., a Florida Company, after the business moved to California in 2007. The business has operated continuously since being founded in 1979. 


The companies and individuals associated with this website have the following registrations and certifications:

  • Registered Professional Engineer - California
  • Registered Professional Engineer - Florida
  • Certification from the National - Structural Engineering Certification Board
  • Member American Society of Civil Engineers
  • Member Structural Engineering Association of Northern California
  • Member Structural Engineering Institute
  • Certified Structural Inspector - International Code Council
  • Certified Concrete Inspector - American Concrete Institute
  • Certified General Contractor - California State Licensing Board
  • Member - National Fire Prevention Association
  • Certified Designer - California Storm Water Quality Association

Some of our Certifications and Memberships