Before You Order Your Plans

Although it’s easy to get enthusiastic about having a new Cottage in your backyard, we highly recommend that you think about a few things before you go to your “Cart” and send us any of your hard earned money. In fact, you probably should answer most of these questions before going too much further:

Can I build a Cottage in my backyard?

  1. Is the lot big enough? 
  2. Does my Zoning District allow it? 
  3. Does my zoning allow sleeping units?
  4. Does my zoning allow “2nd Units”?
  5. Does it allow me to rent the Cottage when I’m done?
  6. Do I have the proper utilities?
  7. Can I obtain special approvals for an elderly or disabled family member?

To answer these questions and a lot more, we have tried to assist by putting together a FREE document we call a “Site Assessment Questionnaire”. The questionnaire is a step by step process that will guide you through the data collection and preliminary permitting process for your backyard cottage. It could save you a lot of time and money.    If you discover that your project is feasible, you will not have wasted your time because you will need most of the information you’ve gathered to finalize your permitting package. Just click here to get your copy of our free "Questionnaire".

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