Building Plan Sets

What's Included in Your Purchase:

When you complete an on-line order for a Cottage Plan Set from us, you will receive an e-mail with-in minutes that contains your entire set of Cottage Plans in PDF format.   The drawings will be viewable immediately on your computer and will be printable in any size format but are intended to be printed at standard "Blueprint" size of 24"x 36".  You can print as many copies as you like, there are no extra charges for additional copies.  With the purchase you will be licensed to use this set of plans to build one Cottage on one building site.  Your plan set will include the following drawings with information on how to use the drawings for your Project:

  • Architectural Floor Plans
  • Architectural Elevations
  • Color Perspective Renderings
  • Architectural-Engineering Specifications
  • Architectural Building Sections
  • Kitchen and Bath Elevations
  • Detailed Architectural-Structural Sections
  • Assembled Building Component Descriptions
  • Window and Door Schedules
  • Window and Door Elevations, Sections and Trim-out Details
  • Ornamental Trim Details
  • Structural Floor and Roof Framing Plans
  • Structural Framing Details
  • Structural Specifications
  • Ventilation Calculations
  • Building Material Specifications
  • General Building Requirements
  • Electrical Plans and Specifications
  • Electrical Panel Diagram and Load Calculations
  • Plumbing Plans and Specifications
  • Heating-Cooling Plan with Specifications
  • Mechanical Equipment List

When Will I receive my Building Plan Set?

Our Standard Building Plan Sets are sent to you in PDF format via e-mail within minutes of your check-out from our "Shopping Cart".  The drawings and documentation will be usable to view, save and print as soon as they are receved.   If you are from California or have requested Custom Engineering Documentation, you wil receive our standard set of drawings at checkout as well, however  a custom Plan Set with the appropriate Reports and Calculations modified for your specific location parameters will have to be prepared before transmittal.   Those Plans, Calculations and Reports will generally take from 10 to 14 days to prepare.   Upon completion, the entire Custom Permit Set of Documents in PDF format will be transmitted to you in one or more e-mails.

Do These Plans Meet My Community Standards?

Our Plan sets are engineered to comply with virtually all national building codes, energy efficiency standards and environmental requirements.  The Plans will meet engineering requirements in approximately 95% of the properties in the contiguous United States.  If you are in an extremely high wind area, are very close to a known earthquake fault line or have extraordinary depths of snowfall, you might need a custom structural design, which can be provided at nominal additional cost.  Contact us for more information on your special design needs. To get a quick idea of whether our products will meet your local standards, the engineering design criteria for our standard Cottages is as follows:

  • Design Wind Velocity 150 mph (ASCE Strength Design)
  • Seismic Design Category "D"
  • Seismic Design Acceleration (Sds) 1.587
  • Roof Snow Load 30 psf
  • Maximum Foundation Bearing Pressure 1500 psf

Ask your Building Department if the engineering criteria listed above meets your local requirements.  If not, we'll be happy to provide upgrades to any Plan Set.  For a more accurate overall assesment of whether our Plans are compatible with your site see the next paragraph.

Before You Buy Our Plans - Assess Your Site!

Before You Buy our Plans!  We highly recommend you should perform a review of your property using our "Site Assessment Questionnaire" in order to ensure your plans will be compatible with all local building and zoning requirements.  Our Questionaire provides answers to dozens of questions concerning zoning and building regulations and provides a checklist to use at the building department to determine whether there are any obstacles to you obtaining a building permit.   We provide the "Site Assessment Questionnaire" free of charge.  You can Download it now by clicking here

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