Custom Site Plans

Most Building Departments will require some type of Site Plan that shows where your cottage will be located on the site. They may want to see the setbacks, existing buildings and a few lines showing how you will connect the utilities to the main building. Because the specifics of your site are completely unknown to us, you will have to do a bit of work to help create the plan. There are several different ways to approach this:

1. Draw It Yourself

If you are handy with a pencil, you can save some money by drawing the plan yourself.  With information from an existing survey or from Parcel Maps provided by your Appraiser’s Office you should have enough information to create a sketch that will serve the purpose.  You will find specific information on how to obtain your Parcel Map information and sample Site Plans by downloading our FREE, “Site Assessment Questionnaire”.  The Questionnaire will guide you through the process and tell you what you'll need.

2. Hire a Local Surveyor or Draftsman

Our recommended procedure would be to hire a local surveyor or draftsman with local knowledge of your Building Department’s Site Plan requirements. They can create an accurate drawing of the existing conditions and with information from our plans, place an outline of the proposed cottage and the utility connections on his or her drawing.

3. Have Us Provide It

If you cannot manage to procure your Site Plan locally, you can send us the necessary information about your site and we will prepare a Site Plan for you.  We recommend you first fill in our “Site Assessment Questionnaire” and send that, along with site photographs and a cottage location sketch to us by fax or e-mail.  We will go over your information and send you a quote to prepare the Site Plan and attach it to your purchased drawing set.  You should note that some sites may be too complex or have too much slope to prepare a Site Plan without having a formal survey.

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