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Victorian Tiny House Plans

Whether you're looking for a rental unit in your backyard or transitioning to the tiny lifestyle, we have the perfect tiny home plans to get your project started.  The uptrend in this social movement known as the tiny lifestyle phenomenon, is primarily due to the financial advantages of downsizing. Essentially, this lifestyle is an experience enabler. The tiny homeowner is less a slave to the financial and upkeep responsibilities of their home. Therefore, they can spend their valuable time and money doing more of the things they love.

The standard American home averages 2,500 square feet

A home like that comes with a substantial monetary burden as well. Down payments alone on typical dwellings can exceed $50,000 in many cases. Depending on where you buy, you might staring down a purchase price of more than $300k, which over time, factoring in interest, taxes, insurance, repairs, maintenance, and other incidental expenses may end up costing you closer to $1M.

The majority of tiny house dwellers have no mortgages. They also tend to have larger savings accounts, a higher average income, less credit debt, better education, more free time, and much less stress. From a perspective of life simplification, the choice seems clear.

Deciding to go tiny.

When the decision has been made to transition to this type of lifestyle, the next decision is what and where to build. Many tiny dwellers opt for the DIY tiny house. 

All of our tiny homes are designed with the DIY builder in mind. This allows you the ability to procure the materials on your own time (and the lowest prices), to build according to your schedule on the land that you find suitable. Alternatively, you could take the plans and material lists to a professional builder and have them do the work for you. Either way, you have more flexibility in how the job gets done, whether or not it's completed to your standard of quality, and ensures that the finished product is exactly what you were hoping for in a tiny home.

That last part is something many potential tiny homeowners find particularly appealing. When you decide to go with a tiny house plan from Cottage Depot, you'll several base designs to pick from; each with slightly different amenities, ensuring that you'll find something to suit your tastes. What's more, none of our plans are set in stone. If you determine that certain customizations are appropriate, we can help you incorporate those as well. 

Before you begin.

Above all else, you should be aware of the zoning and property laws in your area. In some states, and even down to the city level, the restrictions against tiny houses can vary and at times, can be rather strict. Know what guidelines you are expected to follow and obtain the proper permits (something that we can also help with). If you need a plan customized to meet a particular standard, let us know, and we can accommodate you for a nominal fee.

Even if you have the space and the your legal ducks are in a row, you still have to take into consideration whether or not you are comfortable building on your own. We've done our best to make our plans easy to follow and simplify the construction process. Even if you decide to hire a professional to build your new tiny home, there are still benefits to be gained from using one of our DIY kits. You'll be able to streamline the process, speed up approvals with ready-made designs and obtain fair estimates from contractors since you'll already have your materials in hand.

In the end, it's entirely up to you. If you need help navigating any part of the process, or advice on finding materials, or builders, feel free to reach out to our talented team. We are ready to put our 40 years of architectural and construction knowledge to work for you.

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