Free Downloads

Below are listed a series of Free PDF Downloadable file links that are meant to assist our clients with permitting and building a Backyard Cottage.  Click on the blue highlighted title and the file will be downloaded to your computer as a Adobe Acrobat PDF document:

  • Site Assessment Questionnaire - This 8 page file contains an inquiry form to be presented to your Building Department with questions that should be answered before purchasing a set of drawings or applying for a Building Permit.  The one page "Inquiry Form" is accompanied by several pages of text explaining the questions needing to be answered, as well as, a sample site plan and blank site plan sheet.
  • Instructions on Downloading Our Files - This document contains instruction on how to download, view, save and print our various Building Plans, Engineering Documents and Estimates in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.
  • Recommendations for Using Building Plan Sets - This set of instructions guides the purchaser through the process of utilizing a Cottage Building Plan Set to layout the cottage, prepare a site plan, apply for permits and create project overall budgets.

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