240sf Colonial Guest Cottage

The plans for our Colonial Guest Cottage is a simple, yet comfortable Guest House with all the amenities of a small home. It's size makes it ideal for any backyard. This guest cottage is perfect for a hosting family and out of town guests, or even a needed mommy time-out. The main room converts from living room to bedroom with no problems at all, while the powder room is discretely tucked away behind a built-in desk and bookcase conveniently located in an out-of-the-way corner. The unit comes standard with a full back of cabinets, under-counter refrigerator, and a small wet bar sink.

  • Square Footage: 240
  • Width: 20'-0"
  • Depth: 12 '-0"
  • Height: 14'
  • Plan GR240CO



  • 1SN-GC240CO 240 sf Colonial Guest Cottage

    SKU: 1SN-GR240CO

    This Cottage is available in your backyard as a "Custom" Design-Build Package.   See our Sonoma Cottage Page for our "Standard" Design-Build offerings. 

    All of our Cottage packages include Permitting Service,  Architectural & Engineering Plans, Structural, Energy and Green Code Calculations, as well as, Site Utility Connections customized to your property.

  • GC240CO-BPS 240 sf Colonial Guest Cottage - Building Plan Set

    SKU: GR240CO-BPS

    A full digital set of Architectural-Engineering Building Plans including Architectural, Structural, Electrical, HVAC & Plumbing Drawings. (This set does not meet current California Regulations see California Packages below). The plan set includes Material Specifications, Building Instructions, Ventilation Calculations, Electrical Load Calculations, Equipment Lists and Product Schedules. Your purchase includes an exclusive license to build one house on one lot based on this plan set. The complete set can be download, viewed and printed immediately after purchase.  More about our building plan sets...

  • GC240CO-KIT 240 sf Colonial Guest Cottage - Building Plan Kit

    SKU: GC240CO-KIT

    The COTTAGE BUILDING KIT includes both the BUILDING PLAN SET and the MATERIAL PRICING SET in one convenient package. The combination KIT is offered with a $100 Discount off the regular price when the Plan and Pricing sets are sold separately. The entire package can be downloaded, viewed and printed immediately after purchase.

  • GC240CO-MPS 240 sf Colonial Guest Cottage - Material Pricing Set

    SKU: GC240CO-MPS

    The Pricing Set includes both a complete Material Estimate as well as Material Purchase Orders that list the prices, descriptions and vendors for virtually every piece of material required to build your cottage from lumber to windows, air-conditioners to cabinets. The complete set can be downloaded, viewed and printed immediately after purchase.  More about our material pricing sets...

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