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About Our Office & Studio Collection

Realizing that many people want to use their backyard for their business, hobby or art pursuits, we have a few examples of our Backyard Studios, studio sheds and home office sheds built around our incredibly inexpensive floor plans. In the units shown below, you'll see what you can fit into our surprisingly accommodating cottages. Our layouts are not fixed anything in our Studio collection can be customized. Perhaps you're looking for a Pool Cabana, Play House or Writer's Loft; any of these floor plans are suitable for whatever you have in mind.

Flexibility is key when it comes to studio sheds

Nowhere is flexibility better reflected than in our variety of studio offerings. Though all are meant for purpose-driven activities, each backyard studio plan is geared in a slightly different direction.

The Craftsman Writer's Studio has the air of the ideal writer's retreat. A quiet front porch for contemplation and large windows to provide a steady connection with the outdoors. Inside, it's an environment structured for a productive writing session. A wraparound desk, cabinets to keep you organized, and a small lavatory for when you need a break.

The traditional Artist Studio, evokes a different feel. From the outside, you'll notice a similarity in shape. There's a shaded terrace area with plenty of room for local flora to take hold and add some natural beauty. Upon entry, you'll see that the purpose of this space is unique. Instead of the office desk setup, you've a central table for working on art or setting up models. To the side, a drafting desk and plenty of cabinets and shelves for reference material. In the back, a large wall to display prominent works in progress. A small powder room sits in the corner, completing the structure.

Each studio shed accommodates the environment to foster creative minds, and we're confident that whichever you choose, you'll be able to mold it to your purpose and accomplish your masterpiece.

On a more practical side, our home office plans come with specific fixed furnishings in order to show the Property Zoning Department that you are not planning to use your cottage as living space.

Whichever you select, all of our studio plans were designed with the DIY builder in mind. If you're looking for something a bit bigger, check out our Backyard Cottages for extra entertaining space and our Tiny Homes for more of a full-featured addition. 

192sf Craftsman Writer's Studio

Our Craftsman Writer's Studio was designed for a local author who needed a quiet and pleasant backdrop to contemplate his next edition.  The high lofted ceilings provide a wonderful feeling of s...Read More...

Square Footage: 192 + 100sf Porch
Width: 12'-0'
Depth: 16'-0"
Height: 13'-6"
Plan: ST192CFP 

192sf Artists Studio Plans

This pleasant little art shed, with its high lofted ceilings and huge glass wall, was created with the artist in mind. With plenty of light and a voluminous ceiling, the Artists Studio Plans are...Read More...

192sf Backyard Office

A compact but fully functional, classic backyard home office with 1/2 bath, wet bar, and built-in supply area. Designed with a beamed, lofted ceiling, soaring to over 11 feet high, the small off...Read More...

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