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Having observed the enormous permitting difficulties and extraordinary cost of construction in Sonoma County over the years, we decided we could do something about that. We applied decades of engineering, permitting and construction experience and created a a series of pre-engineered, site-built packages of handsome and efficient backyard cottages.

These meticulously designed packages not only meet all of our local and state building codes but also cost considerably less to build due to extensive optimization of materials, codes and construction techniques.

With our designs and the help of several small, local sub-contractors we have created truly professional Design-Build-Permit Packages that take care of all the usual difficulties and unknowns associated with building in Sonoma County.

You'll find us in Downtown Sonoma, just behind the Post Office at 617 1st Street West.  

A Backyard Cottage Can Create a Fantastic Retirement Nest Egg!

If you are 10-20 years away from retirement and own a home with a backyard, one of the safest and most lucrative retirement plans available may be right outside your window.  We can show you how a Backyard Cottage, with very little cash investment, could generate:

  • An Income of $150,000 or more for your retirement savings
  • An additional $300,000 or more in Equity by the time you retire
  • Provide an inflation protected, Annual Income of $50,000 or more after you retire
  • Provide a Debt Free home to live in for the Rest of Your Life

For More about using a Cottage as part of your Retirement Plan Click Here….

Financing is Available for Your Cottage

If you're wondering how you're going to pay for your new cottage.... can connect you to local banks who will be more than happy to provide a low cost home equity or construction loan to help pay for your project. Give us a call and we'll provide all the details.

Design-Build Cottages For Sale in Sonoma

The following is a quick introduction to the various Cottages we now build in Sonoma County. We suggest those interested in having a Cottage built, schedule an appointment at our offices in Sonoma where they can view an extensive portfolio of floor plans, renderings, photos, material displays and specifications describing the various options and prices for all our models. For a limited time only, we are offering a Free "Engineering Site Assessment" of any site in Sonoma County.

192 sf Guest Room - Studio - Office - Pool House

       Pool House Artist Studio Trellis  192sf Base Unit

Our smallest but most versatile Cottage. Available with a Half Bath or Shower, this little cottage includes a 12 ft lofted wood ceiling and plenty of space as a Week-end Guest Cottage or Home Office. The Half Bath version with Wetbar is made specifically for County Homes on Septic Tanks because it does not require a Septic Tank improvement to permit.


The 192 sf Cottage is available with Craftsman Porch or Garden Trellis both of which feature a huge 9ft sliding glass door for maximum light. Ideal for an Artist's Cottage or Pool House. More Images .....

Our Standard 192sf Cottage with 1/2 Bath, Constructed on your lot is $76,000 


 240sf Guest House or Efficiency Apartment

 240 Guest Cottage

 240 Craftsman

 Our 240 sf Cottage with Lofted wood ceiling, Full Bath, Wetbar and optional Kitchenette can be constructed as a Guest House or as a small efficiency Apartment. Available with Craftsman Porch or as a simple Sonoma Ranch. The Cottage could be utilized in many ways but makes an ideal Granny Unit, Guest Cottage, Spare Bedroom Suite, Den or Man Cave.

For those seeking an investment opportunity, the Cottage offers the least expensive rental unit we know of. Large enough for a pull-down Murphy Bed, as well as, a conventional Living Room Suite, the unit should be quite easy to rent in today's market and should create a great return on investment.  More Images .......

Our Standard 240sf Cottage with full Bath, Constructed on your lot is $88,000 


412sf Guest House or One Bedroom Apartment

 412 Guest Suite ADU

 412 Guest House Apartment Plan

  Need a comfortable, inexpensive home for Grandma, a way to invest for your retirement or a vacation get-away? We think this Cottage meets all those needs.  Our 412 sf Cottage Suite provides a livable Backyard Guest House or Rentable Accessory Dwelling Unit that features everything needed for a long term guest or as an income producing apartment.

The model comes standard with Separate Bedroom, Full Bath with Glass Enclosed Shower, Walk-in Closet,  and a Linen Closet large enough for an optional stacked Laundry. Options include built-in Bookcases, a Kitchenette and Patio Trellis.

The 12 foot lofted, wood beam ceiling flows throughout creating a spacious feel, while large Windows and French Doors provide a bright and open interior. More Images ....

 Our Standard 412sf Cottage Suite, Constructed on your lot for $119,000 


440sf One BR Tiny House or Accessory Dwelling Unit

440 sf 1 Bedroom Apartment440 Accessory Dwelling Unit floor plan

A Compact One Bedroom Tiny Home or Accessory Dwelling Unit with Living Room, Private Bedroom, Full Bath, Walk-in Closet, Kitchen and Integrated Dining area.  Large enough for a retirement couple, ideal as an Income Producing Rental Unit. This functional Cottage provides everything one would expect in a modern home including Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Microwave, Range and Vented Hood. There’s even room for an optional built-in Washer & Dryer.
The Floor Plan, built around an outdoor patio, provides access and light to each room through large French Doors. The Tiny House comes standard with a 12 foot lofted, wood beam ceiling, in both Living and Bedroom, providing a feeling of volume and spaciousness.  
Also available as an “Aging in Place” Model with dozens of accessibility features for retirees or individuals with special needs. More Images ....

 Our Standard 440sf Tiny Home, Constructed on your lot for $134,000 


600sf Two BR Tiny House or Accessory Dwelling Unit

A light & bright  two bedroom Tiny Home with generous outdoor patio accessible to Living Room, Bedroom and Dining alike.  Large enough for a young family with a child or perhaps for a retirement couple who need a second bedroom, an office or sewing room. Highly desirable as a Backyard Rental Unit or as a stand alone Cottage. This 600sf Tiny Home comes standard with a 12 foot lofted, wood beam ceiling, providing a feel of volume and spaciousness that belies its small size.  The full function Kitchen provides everything one would expect in a modern home including refrigerator, dishwasher and range with vented hood. There’s even a space for a built-in washer-dryer. More Images...

 Our Standard 624sf Tiny Home, Constructed on your lot for $158,000 

Budgeting for Permit & Impact Fees

In addition to our charges for designing, permitting and constructing your new cottage, all owner's should budget for the permit and impact fees charged by our local cities and/or Sonoma County. In addition to what one would expect for building plan checks and inspection fees, all local municipalities charge additional impact and hook-up fees for items such as schools, technical training, water, sewer, electric, gas, parks, roads, energy, waste, recycling and others. These fees can be quite high, particularly for "Accessory Dwelling Units" and Rental Apartments. Keep in mind that any Cottage that includes cooking facilities will have to pay much larger impact fees. The following is an estimate of the cost of Building Permit & Impact Fees for our Cottages:

"Accessory Structure" Fees:

Our Cottages of 192sf, 240sf & 412 sf area without kitchens or cooking facilities are classified as "Accessory Structures" to the Main House and will be required to pay fees ranging from $4000-7000 dependent upon the model chosen and the municipality in which you live.

"Accessory Dwelling Unit" Fees:

"Accessory Dwelling Units" (ADU) are Cottages that contain kitchens or cooking facilities and represent independent housing units which can exist entirely on their own. This designation would apply to our 412 sf Cottage when built with a "Kitchenette" and would also apply to our 1 and 2 Bedroom Tiny Homes. The cost of Permitting and Impact Fees for ADUs will range roughly from $35,000-$39,000

Our Design-Build Heritage

Most people in Sonoma think of us as an engineering company but before moving here we operated a successful Engineering and Design-Build company (Garant-Homes Corp) in Florida and the Caribbean for 35 years. We specialized in the replication of historic home styles of the Caribbean, New Orleans and Key West.  

When we first arrived in Sonoma, we built a "Carpenter Gothic" style House and Cottage located on 275 West Spain as our own home.  The House is an example of Sonoma Architecture in the mid 19th century and is similar to the historic Vallejo Home in the State Park across the street. The building was designed, permitted and constructed by us, including the complex gingerbread and historic details that were custom fabricated onsite.

Before moving to Sonoma we designed and built dozens of historically based homes in numerous locations on the East Coast and the Caribbean. Below is an advertising image showing a number of these homes. If you'd like to learn more about our construction heritage, you're welcome to give us a call and we'll show you a lot more.


Cottage Images Florida



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