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Welcome Neighbors

Sonoma City Hall

We want to say hello to all our friends in Sonoma and introduce you to our website.  If you don't know who we are yet, please let us introduce ourselves.  The website is a trademark of the Sonoma Valley Engineering Corporation.  We have been located in "Downtown" Sonoma for many years.  You'll find us just behind the Post Office at 617 1st Street West. 

What We Do

The primary business of is Designing, Permitting and Building Backyard Cottages in the Sonoma Valley.   Having observed the enormous permitting difficulties and extraordinary cost of construction in Sonoma over the years, we decided we could do something about that.  We applied our decades of engineering, permitting and construction experience and created a a series of pre-engineered packages of handsome and efficient backyard cottages specifically for the Sonoma Valley.  These meticulously designed packages not only meet all of our local and state building codes but also cost considerably less to build due to extensive optimization of materials, codes and construction techniques.    With our designs and the help of several small, local sub-contractors we have created truly professional Design-Build-Permit Packages that take care of all the usual difficulties and unknowns associated with building in Sonoma. 

How Do You Find Out About a Cottage on Your Lot?

Simply choose a plan, call for an appointment and we'll inspect your property and discuss your needs.  In a few days we'll provide you with a permitting assessment and a complete finished cost to construct your Cottage.  There is no cost and no obligation to any property owner in the Valley.


 Our Design-Build Heritage

Most people in Sonoma think of us as an engineering company but before moving here we operated a successful Engineering and Design-Build company (Garant-Homes Corp) in Florida and the Caribbean for 35 years.  We specialized in the replication of historic home styles of the Caribbean, New Orleans and Key West.  

When we first arrived in Sonoma, we built a "Carpenter Gothic" style House and Cottage located on 275 West Spain as our own home.  The House is an example of Sonoma Architecture in the mid 19th century and is similar to the historic Vallejo Home in the State Park across the street.  The building was designed, permitted and constructed by us, including the complex gingerbread and historic details that were custom fabricated onsite.

Before moving to Sonoma we designed and built dozens of historically based homes in numerous locations on the East Coast and the Caribbean.  Below is an advertising image showing a number of these homes.  If you'd like to learn more about our construction heritage, you're welcome to give us a call and we'll show you a lot more.


Cottage Images Florida



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