240sf Craftsman Cottage

A stately, 240 sq ft cottage designed to match the Craftsman style of Sonoma, California. Placed on your property as a backyard guest house or on a "Valley of the Moon" hillside, our Craftsman Cottage plans provide a pleasant, well-proportioned get away, with all the conveniences you'll need for a week or month's stay. The long shaded porch is designed to provide a welcome respite from those long summer days or winter rains. The main room converts from living room to bedroom with no problems at all, while the wet bar is discretely tucked away behind a built-in closet and drawer combination. This small cottage even comes with a built-in desk and bookcase conveniently located in an out-of-the-way corner. The unit is designed with a full rack of cabinets and an under-the-counter refrigerator. The Craftsman column detailing is handsome but not too difficult to do it yourself. Our full-color 3D and precise drawings should make the work a snap. Our standard unit is designed with a modern insulated, acrylic stucco finish that has a built-in color to minimize maintenance and increase the already substantial insulation package.

  • Area: 240 SF Interior + 120 SF Porch
  • Width: 20'-0"
  • Depth: 18'-0"
  • Height: 14'-6"
  • Material Construction Costs: $22,300
  • Plan GC240CFP




  • GC240CFP-BPS Craftsman 240sf Guest Cottage Building Plan Set

    SKU: GC240CFR-BPS PRICE $599.00 USD

    A full digital set of Architectural-Engineering Building Plans including Architectural, Structural, Electrical, HVAC & Plumbing Drawings. (This set does not meet current California Regulations see California Packages below) The plan set includes Material Specifications, Building Instructions, Ventilation Calculations, Electrical Load Calculations, Equipment Lists and Product Schedules. Your purchase includes an exclusive license to build one house on one lot based on this plan set. The complete set can be download, viewed and printed immediately after purchase.  More about our building plan sets...

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  • GC240CFP-MPS Craftsman 240sf Guest Cottage Material Pricing Set

    SKU: GC240CFR-MPS PRICE $289.00 USD

    The Pricing Set includes both a complete Material Estimate as well as Material Purchase Orders that list the prices, descriptions and vendors for virtually every piece of material required to build your cottage from lumber to windows, air-conditioners to cabinets. The complete set can be downloaded, viewed and printed immediately after purchase. (This set does not include current California Regulations see California Packages below)  More about our material pricing sets...

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  • GC240CFP-KIT Craftsman 240sf Guest Cottage Building Kit

    SKU: GC240CFR-KIT PRICE $888.00 USD

    The COTTAGE BUILDING KIT includes both the BUILDING PLAN SET and the MATERIAL PRICING SET in one convenient package. The combination KIT is offered with a $100 Discount off the regular price when the Plan and Pricing sets are sold separately. The entire package can be downloaded, viewed and printed immediately after purchase. (This set does not meet current California Regulations see California Packages below)

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If you live in California, you’re going to need a completely different set of drawings, pricing data and engineering reports. Our California Package includes Plans, Structural, Energy and “Cal-Green” documentation required for a California permit application.  The package includes all the new requirements which became law on January 1, 2017.

Because many California Permitting Agencies differ on their requirements. We ask that you fill out our FREE, on-line PROPERTY INFORMATION FORM so we can investigate the permitting requirements in your specific area. *Your plans and engineering documentation may require much more documentation more than the standard amount shown above.


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