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Welcome to our gallery of backyard cottages. We're hoping you find exactly what you're looking for, and would like to take this time to provide you with some additional details on the amazing utility and unique nature of our selection. All of our backyard cottages are designed as compact unattached additions to fit on the land of an existing property. Perhaps you want to use the space as an office, entertainment area, or spare bedroom for when you have guests. Regardless of your intended purpose, our cottage plans make it easy to augment your property the way you want.

Why build an unattached unit? For starters, it's an incredible value. Our plans are permit-ready, negating the need to hire an architect and go through the intense process of trying to get a traditional home extension. We make building plans, engineering calculations, material lists and more available to you so you can get to work the way you want to. If you want to tackle the job yourself, you have all the information you need to do so. Our building kits are comprehensible to amateur builders, including details and illustrations that are broken down in a way that even inexperienced crew can understand. We even throw in the purchase orders necessary for obtaining the right supplies. Your ability to build is limited only by your schedule and capacity to learn. The DIY nature of our kits requires some effort, but, with the exception of electricity and plumbing, it is possible for a novice to learn the steps required to complete the process with minimal skill.

Still, time might be a major constraint limiting your ability to construct a backyard cottage, and if you'd rather do some of the construction then hire contractors to do the heavy lifting, you could do that too. Just make sure you pick the right crew for the job. Many localities have laws about who you can hire to carry out work on your property. Ensure that you're following them and get tradesmen who are skilled and licensed. Our packages offer a wide degree of flexibility in choosing how you want to complete your beautiful backyard building. Which brings us to another point...

Your cottage might be small, but it's an actual building. It's not a shed or trailer; it has a real foundation with real walls. You can include plumbing, electricity, doors, windows, and everything else that makes a building all its own. With our plans, you'll be able to create a building complete with everything you need that meets state building codes for your area. There may be specific laws governing the construction of unattached or accessory structures in your state. In our Site Assessment Questionnaire, we recommend going straight to your local building department to find out what is permissible. If you require assistance, you can forward information to us. We'll attempt to help you sort through the regulations.

To make things as easy as possible, we've designed our plans to conform with as many building codes and requirements as possible and why not? This doesn't just go a long way to helping make our cottages feasible, it makes them safer and saves you money. By adhering to hurricane codes, snow load requirements, and earthquake safety regulations, you get a building that is stable and capable of handling the elements. By following various energy efficiency guidelines, you reap the benefits of green design and reduced consumption. Our plans aren't a "one-size-fits-all" approach. We take the minutiae into account, and if you need a customized solution to comply with your local rules, we can accommodate you.

Our cottage house plans are California made, but capable of blending in anywhere. We have several styles of backyard cottage, each finely tuned for a unique aesthetic. Our "Cape Cod," for example, evokes a simplistic feel suitable for a spare bedroom or child's play area. It's easy to construct, and complete with a 3/4 bath, shower, and wet bar area. If you needed a roomier offering, you could try our "Victorian Gothic Suite," which has a distinctly 19th-Century charm. The L-shaped floor plan creates a cozy porch area, and the cottage itself has a separate bedroom, living room, and bath area. An excellent option for an extended-stay guest house, the Victorian might also make for a great backyard social area as well. No matter which of our plans you choose, there's one to fit your stylistic preferences.

So, as you can see, backyard cottages are the way to go if you're looking to expand and want to keep the process simple. We designed our cottage plans with flexibility in mind, no matter how much time you have or your level of skill. Make sure to check out all of the designs we have available to find what fits your tastes.

If you'd prefer a fully independent unit, make sure to look into our tiny homes. These fully-featured buildings include kitchen areas and independent utilities and are more suitable for renting out or using as a retirement or vacation property. There's a greater cost associated due to permitting fees, but incredible savings and freedom that come with the tiny home lifestyle!

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