Cottage House Plans Washington

Have you come to look at backyard cottages? You're in the right place. Our cottage house plans give Washington residents plenty of options for compact living ideas, and the concept is branching out across the nation. Take the time to look at what we have on offer, and explore the practical utility that backyard cottages offer the existing homeowner.

What's the purpose of a backyard cottage? These are additions that are meant to augment an existing property. Perhaps you need extra space to accommodate a relative. Maybe you want an "entertainment area" separate from your main property? You might even want to create a playroom for your children. Whatever the reason, an "accessory structure" like a backyard cottage provides a greater degree of flexibility than trying to renovate your home.

If you wanted to augment your house, you couldn't just start tearing down walls and build it yourself. There's a lot of planning that goes into the job. You have to get an architect and engineer to select materials, and devise an addition that will blend with your existing structure, integrate with its operation systems, and not degrade the home's integrity. This takes time and money, quite a bit, in most cases. Not to say that building a backyard cottage requires no forethought, but the process is much simpler if you've done your homework.

For starters, there's no need to hire an architect to draw up new plans, we've already taken care of that step. Our plans are made with the do-it-yourself attitude in mind, and we've done our best to make sure they're ready to pass whatever codes and requirements are applicable in your area. So, after getting the blueprints and materials, you can put up your structure your way whenever you're ready. If you want to tweak something and have the know how to do it, have at it. Our plans aren't so rigid that they don't account for a personal touch. If you don't feel comfortable building yourself, we can give you the information you need to get your approvals and get a construction team to do the work for you. It's all about flexibility and what approach works best for you.

You should keep in mind that it will probably take longer to do it yourself. The average time for a novice is around 480 hours, while a team of professionals might be able to do the job in 120. If you're willing to put in the effort, though, tackling the job on your own is a great way to hone your construction skills and cut your costs even further. Either way, adding a backyard cottage is a great investment that will likely boost the value of your property.

As accessory structures, backyard cottages require less monetary investment and are governed by fewer restrictions than a full-fledged independent unit. There are still rules, though, and you should read up on them before purchasing your plans. We've developed a Site Questionnaire, specifically designed to help you determine if building a backyard structure is feasible for your location. You'll have to collect some information, you'll have to do some research, and you'll have to interact with your local building or zoning department to boot. You'll be glad you did, though, as there are particulars that can hinder a construction project and even cost you time or money if you aren't careful to address them in advance.

Once you've done your homework, select the plan you like from our selection. We have quite a few designs, all created with a Victorian aesthetic in mind. Whether you prefer something simple or ornate, our plans have something for everyone. Some of our plans feature a large single room, keeping things simple and maximizing the open space. Other designs include several rooms, splitting up the space and offering something more complex. We even have cottages with covered porches to give you a place to relax. We have different sizing options to better accommodate the plot of land you're working with. We can supply material pricing sets, building kits, and custom permitting packages for all of our available cottage designs.

Best of all, our offerings are backed by a rich history and serious credentials. Feel free to look at our associations, memberships, and certifications, or read up on our story. You'll find our confidence in our product is well placed. Don't forget to review all of our backyard cottages and find out which one will best suit your lifestyle. If you're looking for an independent tiny home that you can use as a rental property or retirement home, we have those options featured in our tiny houses section. You should know going in that tiny homes are more expensive, as they require additional permits and fees to get the project rolling, but if you're comfortable with the investment, you'll find great value in the tiny house lifestyle.

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