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Welcome, we're delighted that you've decided to peruse our selection of tiny homes and hope that you'll be able to find the tiny house of your dreams among our offerings. First, though, we should take some time to get you up to speed on what a tiny home is, how you should approach building your home, and the benefits that come with owning one.

As the name suggests, tiny homes are houses that are much compact than the average, allowing them to fit on smaller plots of land. Their diminutive stature does not mean they lack amenities, however. Tiny houses are designed to function as fully independent units, complete with living, sleeping, dining, and bathing areas. In most cases, tiny houses can fit into a backyard space or their own plot and can be used as a rental unit, retirement home, vacation cabin, or whatever else you might envision.

The advantages? That depends on precisely why you want your tiny home, but they are numerous. Terms like trendy, stylish, and minimalist are all apropos. Owning a tiny home is a great way to downsize, reducing your overhead and environmental footprint. In a smaller structure, you lead a simpler life, spend less on energy, and produce less waste. Over time, the money saved by choosing a tiny home in lieu of a tradition one adds up. Nearly sixty-eight percent of people living in tiny homes have no mortgage, and more than half of people who live in tiny houses have more savings than the average American. Monetary gain isn't the only positive, though. People in tiny homes report less stress, increased emotional freedom, and a sense of satisfaction that comes from building one's own abode.

Who are these houses for? Anyone, really, though a few choice groups come to mind. Individuals looking to build an affordable rental property would be well suited by the adaptability of a tiny home. You can build them on your current property, or set them up on a new lot with their own space. Retirees often conclude that they need less space in their golden years, and prefer the simplicity of a tiny house to a larger property. Tiny homes are a great way for them to keep their lives manageable. Some disabled individuals find it easier to get around a tiny home and feel that it better enables them to live the life they want. If you just need a small space to stay in on vacation, again, tiny homes will fit the bill. They are easy to build and require minimal upkeep, making them the perfect option for a home away from home. Even millennials are getting in on the tiny house action, with many learning that while traditional homes might be out of their price range, they can get by on much less space than they might have thought.

Our tiny house plans are California's finest. We combine outstanding exterior design with superior interior comforts. Our tiny house plans include living rooms, bedrooms, full baths, dining areas, and fully equipped kitchens with refrigerators, ranges, dishwashers, and more. Our layouts are crafted to make the interior spaces feel larger than their size would first suggest. With each of our plans, you can see the finished dimensions along with the necessary materials and estimated costs. Once you complete your tiny house order, we'll send the plans you need in PDF format so that you can commence on your building project. Our plans are designed with the do-it-yourself builder in mind so you can tackle construction how you see fit.

To ensure a minimal amount of fuss, you'll want to check your state and local laws on the legality of tiny homes in your area. Many communities have laws allowing the construction of tiny houses but do enforce specific regulations. For our part, we've created our building plans to comply with as many national building codes, standards, and requirements as possible. For those living in unique conditions that may require specific building features, we can provide custom designs that adhere to a more narrow set of requirements for just a slight additional cost.

Perhaps you're looking for a simpler project? If you don't need a fully featured tiny house, we also provide backyard cottage units. These projects don't have the complete dining area or kitchen that our tiny homes do, but they cost less as there are fewer fees associated with their construction. Furthermore, you can place backyard cottages on your current lot, having them serve as a guest house or multi-use addition to your home.

No matter what your goals, all of our plans are designed with quality and ease in mind. We can provide material pricing sets, building kits, and custom permitting packages for all of our available plans. Feel free to browse our selection.

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