Wine & Man Caves

About our Wine Cellar & Man Cave Collections

In response to requests we are now customizing some of our Cottage plans to create two specific types of Backyard Cottages, Wine Cellars and Man Caves (i.e. Entertainment Rooms).  The intent of each of these new types is to give the buyer an opportunity to obtain a complete, easy to build kit that includes virtually everything necessary to efficiently build high quality cottages for these functions.  We believe our designs will greatly assist the purchaser by 1) Eliminating the need to arrange for custom architectural and engineering services, 2) Will provide high quality, well matched components to seamlessly install into our Cottage Plans and 3) Will enable accurate pricing for budgeting before construction begins.  The following is a description of the basic components included in our new product lines…

Wine Cellar/Tasting Rooms – If you’ve ever dreamed of having your own cool dark cellar where you can hide away, stash your collection and share a glass with friends, you’re going to love our combination wine cellar/tasting rooms.  State-of-the Art temperature controlled wine storage, with redwood racking, case storage, tasting table, glass storage, and an uncorking table with bar sink/clean-up area, all conveniently housed in a subtle Tuscan style Backyard Cottage.  We provide the plans, engineering, equipment sizing, cave layout and list all the pieces you will need to fit out your Cave.  In addition to our standard Cottage plan set, you will receive a package, prepared by our wine cellar partners, with a complete breakdown of the cellar components, cooling equipment and furnishings needed.  To purchase the complete package you only need to contact our cellar partners for an up-to-date price and shipping specifics.  Interested?  Have a look at the Cellars shown below…

Man Caves (Entertainment Centers) – Looking for a place to turn up the music, watch the Super Bowl with a few friends or maybe watch a 3D movie with quadrophonic surround sound? We think we can help.  With the assistance of Crutchfield Electronics, we have transformed our quaint Backyard Cottage into a Hi-Tech, state-of-the- art Home Theatre.  Think of it as your very own downtown movie theatre in your backyard, but better.  We’ve included a refrigerator for drinks and snacks, bar sink, even room for a keg and tap.  Our latest electronic equipment list includes a huge 4K Ultra HD TV, Blu-ray player, Marantz 125 watt home theatre receiver, pre-matched speaker systems with powered sub-woofer.   Our electronics pricing package includes virtually all the hook-up equipment, cables, wire and surge protection devices.  The Cottage Plans include a built-in cabinet enclosure designed specifically to house your system.  So invite your friends and make some noise! Don’t worry, our Main Cave Cottage is designed to isolate sound and save your family and neighbors from any lost sleep.

Coming Soon - Wine Cellar - 120 sq. ft.

A stand alone backyard wine cellar for the dedicated wine connoisseur. Designed for maximum protection with super insulated walls and roof and closable shutters to keep light out. The design inc...Read More...

Square Footage: 120
Width: 10'-0"
Depth: 12'-0"
Height: 13'-0"

Material Construction Costs: Coming Soon

Coming Soon - Wine Cellar - 192 sq. ft.

A large stand alone backyard wine cellar intended for the serious wine collector. The unit provides seperately cooled rooms for reds and whites & champagnes. Designed with a wet bar for unco...Read More...

Square Footage: 192sf
Width: 12'-0"
Depth: 16'-0"
Height: 13'-6"

Material Construction Costs: Coming Soon


A Cottage designed specifically as a media center with giant 70-75 inch 4K HDTV, professional audio system, a multi-purpose wet bar with facilities for a wine/beer cooler, a mini-frig, draft bee...Read More...

Square Footage: 240sf
Width: 12'-0"
Depth: 20'-0"
Height: 12'-0"

Material Construction Costs: Coming Soon

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