Backyard Cottage

Backyard Cottage

Interested in exploring the possibility of a backyard cottage, but need to know where to start? 

A tiny home or studio unit in your background is an ideal way to create independent spaces for family members or guest. We have even developed a number of stylish, functional, and versatile in-law unit plans for homeowners looking to expand without disruptive renovations.

Cottage Plans for Every Budget and Style

Cottage Depot offers six distinct backyard cottage plans. Our backyard cottages are defined to be classified as an accessory structure by your municipality, which makes them limited in square footage, height, and kitchen facilities. This classification limits costs and ensures that permitting and utility connections are simpler to for a fully independent structure.  However, if a fully featured home best fits your needs, we offer these under our “tiny homes” product line. 

Currently, we offer six backyard cottage plans, ranging from 192 (our Cape Cod and Colonial guest rooms) to 416 square feet (our Victorian Gothic Suite). These designs offer powder rooms to full baths, and some feature details such as porches and decorative woodwork.

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