Mother in Law Unit

Mother in Law Unit

A mother in law unit can be an excellent way to care for your family while increasing the value of your home.  Traditional in-law units in single family homes are often carved out of existing utility spaces, such as basements and garage lofts.  While functional and convenient, these units often sacrifice style and privacy.  Tiny houses are becoming increasing popular, and for good reason - these units offer style as well as function, and are ideal for a single person.  They are perfect accessory dwellings for family members, as there is plenty of extra storage and activity space in the primary dwelling.  A backyard cottage mother in law unit is eco-friendly and can enhance your property values more than a traditional studio unit. Cottage Depot has developed mother in law unit plans that are perfect for any family.

Create Your Own Cottage

When choosing the right plan for your new mother in law unit, first you must decide whether you want an accessory unit or a fully featured independent home.  An accessory unit, which our backyard cottage plans are classified as, have no kitchen facilities and are designed to supplement an existing primary residence.  These work well for some families and limit costs, but also have some limitations on their use.  Our tiny home plans create a fully independent unit complete with full kitchen and bath facility.  These can be used as rental units as well if your family needs change.  Whatever you choose, Cottage Depot mother in law unit plans are designed with the do-it-yourselfer in mind.

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