Tiny Homes Colorado

Tiny Homes Colorado

Created for the amateur owner-builder, our DIY building plans for Tiny Homes in Colorado are an attractive, useful, and affordable addition to your backyard lot. Though compact in size, they are spacious enough to be used as tiny vacation homes, guest houses, rental apartments, retirement homes, or work places.

Designed to function as fully independent units, our Tiny Homes feature comfortable living, sleeping, dining, and bathing areas. Kitchens are usually equipped with upright refrigerators, ranges, ventilators, cabinets, and in most cases, dishwashers. They are outfitted with high efficiency heating and cooling systems, tankless water heaters, “cool roof” technology, super insulation packages, radiant roof barriers, and state-of-the-art sealing techniques, ranking them as some of the most energy efficient structures in the country. And each unit comes in a number of different architectural styles, one of which should be compatible with your existing home.

With a separate living room, bedroom, full bath, kitchen, and dining area designed around a central courtyard, the 440 sq ft Victorian Tiny Home fits comfortably in a backyard. Featuring large windows, French doors, and high vaulted ceilings, the space feels far larger than its actual dimensions. Sloped wood beams, wood decked ceilings, and sophisticated Victorian finished trim add to its charm.

Designed as a retirement or caregiving home, the 440 sq ft Accessible Tiny Home includes a workable kitchen with gas cook-top, range hood, and a refrigerator.  The full bath includes a large shower, toilet, and vanity.  The unit has a 12-foot lofted, beamed ceiling and is built around an exterior patio directly accessible through large French doors.  

As the leader of DIY Tiny Homes manufacturers, our permit-ready plans—which start at only $499—include all the help that you will need to layout, purchase, and build your own super energy efficient, environmentally sustainable, building code compliant Tiny Home. Doing it yourself will save you a considerable amount of money while adding value and appeal to your property. Even if you need help you can still save money with our simple-to-follow plans that allow you to hire labor directly and avoid contractor charges. Plus, with the Material Lists and Purchase Orders included you can buy the materials yourself, eliminating mark-ups and contractor office overhead. 

Download our free “Site Assessment” form to find out if a Tiny Home in Colorado is feasible in your backyard. For more information about Tiny Homes manufacturers, call (707) 939-8386 or fill out the online form.

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