What Do I Need For A Building Permit

What You’ll Need

The following is a list of the various items that are normally required in order to file for a building permit on a “Backyard Cottage”. The specifics of most of the requirements are described at length in others parts of our website.  Links are provided to direct the reader to those sections.  Some requirements may vary with State and Local rules and regulations.

Documents Supplied by Us

  • Building Permit Set (Normally 3 sets of 24”x 36” drawings)
  • Structural Calculations (An optional requirement, mandatory in California)
  • Energy Efficiency Calculations (Mandatory in California, Optional elsewhere)
  • Heating and Cooling Load Calculations ( A Calif. “Title 24” Energy Requirement)
  • Green Code Tabulation (An optional requirement, mandatory in California)
  • Fire Sprinkler Layout & Calculations (An optional requirement everywhere)

Documents Supplied by the Property Owner

  • Site Plan (A sketch or survey of the site with utilities and setbacks shown) We can provide a custom site plan upon request
  • Permit Application (Available at your Building Department)
  • Permit Application Fee (A non-refundable fee charged to review the submittal)
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance Statement - At the time of application you will normally be asked to fill out a sworn statement about Worker’s Compensation Insurance. Your Building Department might require somewhat different options, however, the insurance statement will normally provide three choices:
    • If you are using a contractor or sub-contractors you will have to state that they will be covered by a policy.
    • If you hire outside labor you will be required to carry insurance on that part of the labor yourself.
    • If you state that you are an owner-builder, you are not required to carry the insurance for labor that you or your family provides.

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