California Legislature Passes a 2nd Unit- Granny Cottage Bill!

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Tiny Home Rental UnitNEWS  FLASH - Last week the California Legislature passed Assembly Bill No. 2299 which will significantly reduce the cost of adding a rental unit or Grannie Cottage to the backyards of California. The Bill is largely aimed at providing a source of low cost dwelling units to an ever decreasing supply of living quarters for mid to low income working people.  If you had ideas of adding a backyard cottage for rental income or as a retirement home the idea might finally make sense.  The new changes include:

Utility Fees Greatly Reduced - The Bill removes the requirement to force a second connection to the City water, sewer and electrical services, saving most folks anywhere from $40,000 to $60,000 in utility hook up fees and installation costs.

Parking Requirements - The Bill removes the requirement to add an additional parking space for each backyard 2nd units.  This requirement has been a deal buster for a huge number of residences because they could not modify their property to add an additional space.  Cost wise, this could save as much as $10,000 when adding a rental Unit

Fire Sprinklers -  The bill removes the requirement to install fire sprinklers in some 2nd units.  A Change that could save home owners $3-5000.

If you'd like to learn more you'll find the bill and the huge list of major sponsors at this address:

If you want to see what a full service backyard cottage looks like, see our Tiny Home section, where you'll see a fully functioning 416 sf model with LR, Kitchen, full Bath.  Here's a thumb nail of our "Aging in Place" Model:

Tiny Home, Rental Unit

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