Backyard Studio Sheds Oregon

Congratulations, you've found the best selection of backyard studio sheds. These are a great investment if you wish to add some practical utility to your Oregon lot in the form of a standalone structure. They're relatively inexpensive, easy to construct for most DIY builders, incredibly functional, can be customized and look great. 

Just what is a backyard studio shed? If you were thinking about a simple storage area, then think again. Our studio sheds offer people an independent space to pursue just about any kind of work that you want, right in the comfort of your backyard. Perhaps you've a need for a quiet home office in which you can talk to clients? Maybe you need a writer's room to get the creative juices flowing? You might even want an artist's space for your drawings, paintings, and sculptures. No matter your passion, a backyard studio provides the space to get stuff done. What's more, since they are not designed as living or sleeping spaces, they are easier to get approved in many areas. Since they add value to your Oregon property, they make for a rather sensible expenditure.

Before you get started, some local research is necessary. The zoning laws aren't the same in every community, but if you stop by your local building department, someone can guide you in the right direction. If building on your lot is permissible, then we recommend that you formulate a budget and proceed with picking out a design that speaks to your price range and your goals. Our offerings are designed to fit comfortably in many backyards, but you should always check your available space to make sure that there is room for the plan that you want. Once you are comfortable that everything checks out, it's time to place an order.

Our ordering process is simple. Complete your request online, and we will email you the documents that you need. Building plans, material price estimates, and purchase orders to get you started. You can download these in PDF format and print them at your convenience. If you are unsure of how to print your documents, please refer to our "how-to" section. It provides tips on printing formats, and where to go to get larger color prints done to facilitate the construction process.

Speaking of construction, will you be building your studio on your own? Our studio kits make it an easier endeavor for most DIY builders. When  you do it yourself, you save money and have fun immersing yourself in the process. You'll need to prepare yourself for a serious investment of time, however. For a novice builder, the average building time can exceed 400 hours. There are intricacies such as creating the foundation, putting up framing, installing insulation for the walls, and more that will require you to acquire new talents you might not be familiar with yet. They aren't difficult to learn, but they take practice to master. You may decide that hiring a contractor is the better option. Or you can take a hybrid route and manage most of the building yourself, and hiring professionals for the more advanced work. Painting, for instance, is something that most people can handle on their own. Plumbing and electricity, on the other hand, might require more specialization. Refer to our information page, "What Work Should I Do Myself" for additional details.

Either way, using Cottage Depot designs and studio plans is the way to go. We crafted them to make everything as simple as possible. They are easy to follow, allow you to get materials on your own (opening up the possibility of receiving labor-only estimates from contractors), and will help you establish and adhere to a tight construction schedule. If you require assistance on any parts of the process or need advice about what to look for in a builder, feel free to reach out. You can contact us via phone or email, we will respond to your queries promptly.

We're confident you'll find something special in our Victorian-inspired designs. Compact yet functional, our offerings are the product of years of research, design, and building experience. We're bringing nearly 40 years of know-how to the table, after all. Still, we understand that you may want to add a personal touch to what we've crafted and encourage you to experiment if you so choose. 

If you're looking for something different, perhaps a fully-independent unit to be used as a living space or rental property in Oregon, we suggest you take a look at our tiny houses. These designs are jam packed with everything that makes a home special. While they require their own lot and a greater investment of resources, the return on a tiny house is well worth it. Best of luck, no matter what you decide!

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