Granny Unit Working Drawings

Granny Unit Working Drawings

Get a great start on your next home improvement project with granny unit working drawings by CottageDepot.  

We are excited to bring over 40 years of engineering and building expertise to the tiny house field.

The Best Variety of Independent Tiny Houses and Accessory Dwellings

View our granny unit floor plans, feature lists, and artistic renderings on our website today.  If you are interested in learning more, sign up for our newsletter or an upcoming informational seminar right on our website.

Our granny unit working drawings are designed to be accessible to dedicated do-it-yourselfers as well as general contractors and tradespeople.  We recognize that many people considering constructing a tiny home on their property want to do much of the work themselves, and we have designed our granny unit floor plans with this in mind.  Aside from our plans, we also offer:

  • Material pricing sets
  • Building kits
  • Permitting support for homeowners

When choosing which granny unit working drawings are right for you to work with, you must consider your budget and needs. offers everything from a 192 square foot Colonial Guest Room with powder room to a 440 square foot handicapped accessible home equipped with everything from a dishwasher to a patio with arbor.  Of course, the more features, the higher the cost, but the greater the functionality and versatility.  Regardless of what you choose, Cottage Depot has created a thoughtful, efficient, and stylish design for you to work from.

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