New Granny Unit

New Granny Unit

Are you a homeowner considering adding a new granny unit to your property?  Consider a backyard cottage as an option.  A traditional in law unit can be added to many single family homes by renovating or adding on, but this approach does have many downsides.  Construction and renovation in the primary living space is inconvenient and disruptive, and privacy is sacrificed.  An in law house is an increasingly popular option.  The sustainable tiny house movement has led to new product offerings and, in many municipalities, changes in zoning regulations that make the backyard cottage option increasingly practical and attractive.  

Providing the Highest Quality Tiny Homes

Cottage Depot has a goal of meeting the increased demand for quality tiny homes with high quality, thoughtful, versatile designs for a variety of efficient and attractive backyard units.  Cottage Depot is co-run by the Sonoma Valley Engineering Corporation and the Victorian Cottage Corporation.  This enterprise has the benefit of nearly forty years of engineering and fine home building experience.  We are excited to be joining the growing and vibrant tiny house movement.  We look forward to helping you make a stylish, functional, and eco-friendly in law unit a reality for you.  Visit our website today to browse our tiny home plans, sign up for an upcoming informational session, or receive our newsletter.

If you are ready to look at plans for a new granny unit, first it is important to decide whether you want a fully independent home with complete kitchen facilities, or a more limited accessory suite.  Independent homes, which we sell plans for under our “tiny homes” product line, offer more versatility but also increased permitting and construction costs.  Accessory suites, which we sell as our “backyard cottage” range, offer lots of comfort, style, and versatility at a lower costs.  Whatever you choose, you have the experience and passion of Cottage Depot guiding you the whole way.  We offer:

  • Plans
  • Permitting support packages
  • Materials pricing guides
  • Build kits

Whether you need a little help or a lot, we are here for you, the dedicated do-it-yourselfer.  Get started on the road to a stylish and functional new granny unit today.

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