Victorian Tiny Homes

Victorian Tiny Homes

Our DIY Victorian tiny homes are fully independent units with living, sleeping, dining, and bathing areas that add value and versatility to your property. They are small in size and height so they can fit into most backyards but are large enough to be used for rental apartments, retirement homes, or as vacation cabins. Each unit comes in a number of different architectural styles, one of which should be compatible with your existing home style.

Victorian Charm in Your Backyard

With material construction costs priced at $34,000, the L-Shaped plan for one of our Victorian backyard units includes a separate Living Room, Bedroom, Full Bath, Kitchen, Dining Area, and a Walk-in Closet—all fitting comfortably within 440 square feet!  Designed around a central courtyard, it features ample French doors and high vaulted ceilings that make the space feel far larger than its actual dimensions would otherwise appear.  The Kitchen is well equipped with a full height refrigerator, gas range, range vent, built-in dishwasher, and a surprising amount of cabinets and roll-out drawers that utilize every square inch of space. It also boasts sloped wood beams, wood-decked ceilings, and sophisticated finished trim for an efficient yet stylish Victorian guest house

Our authentic Victorian Gothic Cottage design was inspired by the early 19th Century Architect, Andrew Jackson Downing, and incorporates intricate full-size gingerbread and wood detail patterns.  Featuring a comfortable and bright floor plan with 12-foot lofted beam ceilings, the layout includes separate Living and Bedroom Room spaces, as well as a full Bath, a built-in Wet Bar, Walk-in Closet, and enclosed Pantry-Linen Closet. This Cottage is more difficult to build than some of our other plans and is intended for the experienced DIY or professional builder.

Tiny Home Construction Made Easy

Constructing your own tiny home is exciting but can also be intimidating, requiring thoughtful design and special materials sourcing. In many ways it can be more challenging than constructing a traditionally sized home. We’ll show you how to add a beautiful and useful addition to your backyard, saving you $100,000 or more over contractor prices and greatly adding value to your property. Our Building Kits include Building Plans designed from scratch with everything included for the amateur builder—

  • 3D framing layouts
  • Full size patterns of ornamental trim
  • Waterproofing details
  • Window and door trim-out details
  • Cabinet plans and elevations
  • Lighting plans
  • Plumbing
  • HVAC details
  • Fire sprinkler configuration
  • Electrical layouts
  • And much more!

Versatile and affordable, Victorian backyard units can double as guest houses, rental apartments, granny units, retirement homes, offices, studios, or even man caves. The uses are endless! In addition, our cottages are models of energy efficiency, water conservation, VOC reduction, and resource conservation. Combining this with “cool roof” technology, super insulation packages, radiant roof barriers, and state-of-the-art sealing techniques, our Victorian tiny homes rank alongside the most efficient buildings in the country. 

Building a Victorian guest house can be the ideal solution to your backyard space. Let us help you create the cottage you’ve always wanted! Call us at (707) 939-8386 or e-mail to find out how to get started right away.

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