Granny Cottage

Granny Cottage

Bring your family together while maintaining independent with a granny cottage on the grounds of your existing home.  An in-law unit, or granny flat, is traditionally constructed out of existing unfinished spaces in a residence, such as lofts over garages and basements.  Constructing an addition is also a popular option.  However, this approach does not work for everyone.  An attached unit, often without a separate entrance, limits privacy and independence.  Also, for the purposes of resale, having a fully separate unit that can be used for rental income is ideal - with an attached granny flat, often buyer appeal is limited to those with similar family configurations.  And the noise, inconvenience, and dust of a renovation or addition cannot be ignored.  For many homeowners, a detached and independent granny cottage is the perfect solution.

Fully Independent Tiny Homes

Cottage Depot offers plans for fully independent homes under our “tiny homes” product line category.  Our tiny homes are fully featured, efficient, thoughtfully defined structures that do not sacrifice luxury or style for space.  Tiny homes have full baths and kitchen facilities. Features include patios, dishwashers, and arbors.  Currently we offer two 440 square foot tiny home plans - our Victorian Tiny Home and our Accessible Tiny Home.  As the name would suggest, our Accessible Tiny Home makes an ideal granny cottage, as it is designed specifically for those who have (or may develop) physical limitations.  Many tiny homes are built in a manner that makes them an obstacle course to many people - such as ladder or steep stair access to lofts, narrow doorways, etc.  We designed our Accessible Tiny Home to make efficient and thoughtful design available to everyone, regardless of physical limitations.

Cottage Depot also offers “backyard cottage” unit plans, which have fewer features (primarily no kitchen facilities), but are easier to permit and less costly to construct.  Whatever you choose, we offer plans, material pricing sets, building kits, and custom permitting support packages for the dedicated do it yourselfer.  All of our services are sold separately, so you can choose exactly what you need based on your goals, experience, and comfort level.

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